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MIMOS User Experience can help you in conducting compliance audit, tests and evaluations for both your system (Management Information System) and operations. The following are services that we offer (Terms and Conditions Apply):

Compliance Audit UX

We have experienced and certified auditors in conducting audit compliance to various standards such as ISO17025: 2005, ISO9000. Additionally, we also have experience in conducting audit on Money Services Business and Insurance ( such as Central Bank : Sector-3, Anti Money Laundering, Operational Requirements)


User Experience Test UX

User Experience Test is a well-established method for collecting feedback directly from actual users. Conventionally conducted in the lab, newer research has shown that conducting user experience testing nearer to the customer's environment is more beneficial. Before the test, actual users are screened and recruited. During the test, the users will walk through an interface that will simulate some scenarios

Pros: Opportunity to have first-hand observation and feedback from users. Product designers typically find this very useful as opposed to reading pages of reports to understand the real issue.

Cons: Time consuming and expensive.


Expert Usability Review


Expert Usability Review ( Cognitive Walkthrough, Heuristic Evaluation) involves having a set of evaluators to examine the interface and judge its compliance with recognised usability principles without involving real users. Expert Usability Review can be applied at any stage in the development lifecycle once the user interface of a system has been designed, as long as there is something that describes the user interface - from a storyboard or prototype to a fully working system.

Lacking of experience evaluators? You can benefit from our team of experienced evaluators and testers from various domains to assess your product against various heuristics such as Compatibility, Consistency, Error Prevention & Correction, Explicitness, Flexibility & Control, Informative Feedback, Language & Content, Navigation, Privacy, User Guidance & Support, Visual Clarity and Accessibility.

Pros: More cost-effective as it is quick, intuitive and simple.

Cons: Does not involve real users and the findings are greatly dependent on the skill of the evaluator.




A survey is a form that contains a list of questions which are commonly used to collect self-reported data from study participants. A survey may focus on factual information about individuals or aim to collect the opinions of the survey takers. With Mi-UXLab, you can set up a professional user experience test within minutes.

Pros: Allow researchers to collect a large amount of data in a relatively short period of time and less expensive than many other data collection techniques.

Cons: The answer choices provided on a survey may not be an accurate reflection of how the participants truly feel.

Eye Tracking

gaze plot


Eye tracking enables us to measure the point of gaze (where one is looking). Obtaining insights into what the user is looking (and for how long) gives further understanding on user's behaviour.

User Recruitment

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We can also recruit participants for your user study.

Benchmarking and competitive studies



Results from the evaluations and testings can only be meaningful if the data and information are analysed correctly. Furthermore, the results could be used to improve the system under test by benchmarking and comparing to other competitors.

UX Lab

Rent our space to conduct your evaluations yourselves. Our space, known as the UX / Usability lab consists of a waiting area, a testing studio and an observation room. The testing studio, in particular, can be customised to suit the domain area of the tested application.

UX Lab equipments



Rent our equipment(s) to conduct evaluation and test at your own site. The equipments can easily be packed and unpacked.

Training and Workshop



We provide training and workshop on using the mi-uxlab software tool



We offer specialised expertise and extensive practical experience in assisting client in performing user experience and usability evaluation and testing